The House

Charles Julian Brewster-Macpherson of Balavil Estate built the house for his Mother Julia Lydia Brewster Macpherson in 1887. It was customary at this time, when the laird died, and the son inherited the property, that the mother moved to her own house. The house was known locally as the Red House for many years, and only in recent times has it been called ‘Dower House’.

Since being built, there have had many owners of the house, and several name changes. The house has been home to many, but it has also been a guest house, a number of businesses operated from here, and holiday let at various times. Many friends, visitors and acquaintance have passed over the threshold to rest, dine and be warmed at the fire side.

Today, with large trees surrounding the house, a wee woodland remains with seasonal floral colour and autumn hues. We have Red Squirrels feeding here regularly and our own “wild cat” stands guard at the front gate.


The most noted guest in the Dower house that we know of is DH Lawerence, who was noted as staying in 1926 as a friend of Milicent Beveridge, and he was reputed to have finished the final version of Lady Chatterley’s Lover during his stay.

In April 2016 the Dower House opened as a unique Bed and Breakfast. We serve breakfasts that are different, tasty and sure to tickle your taste buds.